Church Remodel


Hello Church!

As most people know there's been a lot of remodeling going on in our new church building. We're super excited to see the final outcome of the church, and making it our own! There's been a great amount of help with volunteers that serve their time to the church. We're so very grateful for each and every one of you! From the whole church we would like to send you a big thank you! Without any of you it wouldn't be possible. With that being said there's still so much to do. With the holidays coming around the corner and the busy season kicking in we're seeking for help. If you have the will & strength to help serve the church we would be very appreciative! It doesn't matter on how skillful you are. As long as you have the desire to serve that's all we can ever ask for and to that we would be thankful for you!

But wait, what if you don't have the time?  
There's always another way you can serve! In fact, with the remodel we're looking to fill the church with brand new comfortable seating! If you can help the church to buy one, two, three or more chairs, that already is such a massive blessing! Each chair you buy won't go unnoticed, and will even serve those around you!

All you have to do is "click" the below photograph. Which will then lead you to our church giving page. From there you can select "building funds". Thank you so much for donating!

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